The intent behind the design is not only to design a new building for the Academy of Science but to also claim additional land for the Academy. The new structures are once again bold and simple like the existing Shine Dome however it has also been designed as an urban precinct. Rather than just occupying the site adjacent it encompasses potential future planning of the surrounding area which involves the removal of two apartment buildings and one car park—these in their current state could be seen as unsuccessful elements in the city. The design would thus transform this area into a precinct that connects the existing city centre with the newly developing New Acton precinct, but it also creates a new space for the general public to occupy and utilise—“giving the city back to its people”. This creates a new more public appearance for the Academy. The design also reinstates some of the original surrounding roads which strengthen the site’s definition. Within the new building a much simpler material palette is used that nonetheless compliments the surrounding landscape’s natural earthy tones and material treatment of the existing Shine Dome.